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Oracle Database & APEX development, advice and support

Ted Struik - Oracle Development

Mnemonics for Oracle SQL, PL/SQL & Apex

A collection of notes, ideas, solutions, bug fixes, best practices, thoughts and reminders, related to Oracle SQL, PL/SQL & Application Express (Apex).
I couldn't resist putting in some hobbies as well.
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IT became a hobby of mine around 1980, and turned into a profession in 1994. Oracle came into view around 2000.
Based in The Netherlands, I'm involved in various Oracle related projects all over the world.
After running my own company for the past few years, I now have a permanent job with Itium. More details can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.
Contact me via or LinkedIn.

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Currently running on:
  • VPS on
  • CentOS 7.9
  • Oracle Database 18c Express Edition Release - Production Version
  • Apex (patch 2020.12.07)
  • ORDS 19.2.0.r1991647
  • Tomcat 7.0.76
The previous setup of a database VM on VMware ESXi, and a reverse Apache proxy VM handling SSL was still running perfectly fine, but in early 2020 I decided to move this website out of the house.