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Honda CBR 600 F2

1991 CBR 600 F2

Bike #3: a blue/pink 1991 CBR 600 F2

After selling the ZZR of course I had to buy something else - big problem. Nothing on the market today is exactly what I want (remember my daydream about a ZZR 900 ? Well, it hasn't happened yet...). However, rumor has it that Kawasaki will introduce the ZX-12R in Paris early October. I've decided to wait a few months and then, funds permitting, buy one.
In the mean time, I've bought a '91 Honda CBR 600 F2 with 12000 miles on it. It's cheap, it fits (very important - and rare) and it will get me through the winter reliably I hope. And no, I don't really like it all that much... but it's a lot better than public transport.