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To-do List

A collection of things that still need to be done, or that would be nice to have, on this site.


Do something nice with this, maybe on page 1067:


Read up on Report Queries & Report Layouts.

Copy/Paste Prevention

    $(document).on("cut copy paste","#P10_PAGE_ITEM",function(e) {

Edition-Based Redefinition

Easy XLSX Parser: Just with SQL and PL/SQL

Process Excel sheets directly instead of having to convert to CSV:

IE 11 Compatibility View

Internet Explorer 11 by default switches to "compatibility view" (aka: IE7+ActiveX rendering) for sites it detects as behind the firewall (what it calls "intranet").
I noticed this when working on a development system behind the firewall; that setting really messes up the layout...

There is a simple fix to disable this "feature" - just add this to the <head> html tag (in Apex that would be in the Header section of the Page template): <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">

More info:

classic report 100% width

.t-Report-wrap, .t-Report-report {
  width: 100%;

2. It looks like stop_apex_engine will roll back any SQL inserts/updates/deletes that occur in the routine, where as g_unrecoverable_error allow them to be committed.

Connection Lost

Cursor c Is
    Select a.pk_id
        From a_table t
        Join a_view v On v.pk_id = t.pk_id.pk_id;
Gives “no connection to oracle” on database and PL/SQl Developer 12.0.7. I cannot reproduce this on Database 18 XE and PL/SQL Developer 11.0.6.