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To-do List

A collection of things that still need to be done, or that would be nice to have, on this site.


Do something nice with this, maybe on page 1067:

Copy/Paste Prevention

    $(document).on("cut copy paste","#P10_PAGE_ITEM",function(e) {

Edition-Based Redefinition

Easy XLSX Parser: Just with SQL and PL/SQL

Process Excel sheets directly instead of having to convert to CSV:

IE 11 Compatibility View

Internet Explorer 11 by default switches to "compatibility view" (aka: IE7+ActiveX rendering) for sites it detects as behind the firewall (what it calls "intranet").
I noticed this when working on a development system behind the firewall; that setting really messes up the layout...

There is a simple fix to disable this "feature" - just add this to the <head> html tag (in Apex that would be in the Header section of the Page template): <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=Edge">

More info:

classic report 100% width

.t-Report-wrap, .t-Report-report {
  width: 100%;

2. It looks like stop_apex_engine will roll back any SQL inserts/updates/deletes that occur in the routine, where as g_unrecoverable_error allow them to be committed.

Connection Lost

Cursor c Is
    Select a.pk_id
        From a_table t
        Join a_view v On v.pk_id = t.pk_id.pk_id;
Gives “no connection to oracle” on database and PL/SQl Developer 12.0.7. I cannot reproduce this on Database 18 XE and PL/SQL Developer 11.0.6.

APEX Project Eye

APEX Project Eye
APEX Project Eye combines interactive, drill-down page summaries, graphical page flow diagrams, automatic documentation generation, database object dependency information, and session tracing, making it easy to see how an application is built, what it depends on, who is using it and how.