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Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird

Bike #6
Bike #6: a red 2000 Blackbird

  • 0 km - June 14, 2006
    Stay tuned !
  • 0 km - June 27, 2006
    Waiting for the insurance company to send some money. In the meantime, looking at other bikes. Chances are the next one will be another (used) Bird, I haven't found anything more interesting for the same amount of money. But the decision is not final yet.
  • 0 km - July 27, 2006
    The only other bike I'm seriously considering is the Kawasaki ZX-12R - it's a bit more expensive than a Blackbird, though. I haven't driven one yet (haven't even sat on one, for that matter), but on paper it looks like a great machine - especially the 2002 and later models. So if it fits it might be an option.
    This afternoon I'm going to take a look at (and take a ride on) a red 2000 Blackbird at MVR. It's done 49500 km, has new tyres (BT020), a new chain & sprockets and heated grips. Other than that it is completely standard. So maybe I will start filling this sixth page of the diary soon. Stay tuned !
  • 0 km - July 28, 2006
    As you might have guessed, I bought it :-)
    I took it for a spin yesterday and liked it. It has been very well taken care of, no signs of (winter-) abuse. There are some electrical problems that need to be fixed (radiator fan doesn't switch on, FI light blinks together with the indicator lights and on it's own as well, dashboard lights don't work), but that looks simple enough.
    Ruud will have Michelin Pilot Powers fitted instead of the BT020's which I found a bit nervous. Also, an alarm will be fitted (better late than never...) and a Bagster tank cover (red) will be ordered.
    If all goes well, I'll be mobile again soon.
  • 49500 km - August 21, 2006
    It's here, looking and running great. I like the colour a lot, better than the (almost) black of the last one anyway. A Datatool S4 alarm has been fitted, and the Michelin tyres as well. The Bagster cover has not arrived yet.
    The problem with the fan has been solved, although the temperature still seems a little high when driving slow - maybe the radiator or pump has to be checked. The 'spontaneous' FI light is still there (sometimes), and the dashboard lights don't work. Could a loose connector somewhere.
  • 52200 km - March 1, 2008
    Well, that's it. I traded it in for a ZX-12R.
    You might have noticed the lack of entries in this diary. The bike never suited me as I hoped, and the electrical problems really started to annoy me. These have been fixed, mainly by fitting a new battery, but I've had enough. Time for something new.


Stuff I own, would like to own or will never own but like anyway

Check Abus anchor Abus WA 50 anchor This extra-strong hardened wall brace is anchored onto the wall with long, sturdy fastening elements.

Price: € 21,50 excluding postage
More information: Abus
Check Abus anchor Abus WBA 100 Granit anchor The fastening brace enables two-wheelers to be locked in garages, in cellars, to houses. The WBA 100 can be mounted either on the floor or on the wall.

Price: € 55 excluding postage
More information: Abus
Check Bagster seat Bagster seat Design your own seat. Optionally you can raise or lower the height and length, and/or select gelpads.

Price: starting at € 246 excluding postage
More information: BB Owners Club or Bagster
Check Bagster tank protector Bagster tank protector Red leather tank protector.

Price: € 108 including postage
More information: Bagster
Check Bagster saddlebag Bagster Omega saddlebag Black bag (from the previous Bird).

Price: not sold anymore
More information: Bagster
Check Bar risers with built in preload Bar risers with built in preload They can be fitted in under 10 minutes, will raise the bars by 28mm, with no need to change your existing brake pipes or cables.

Price: € 162 including postage
More information: Jaws or BB Owner Club
Check Buell steps Buell steps Originally for a Buell XBS, they can be modified to fit the Bird. Lowers the position of your feet a bit, giving a more relaxed riding position. Part numbers are NO521.1AD & NO520.1AD. The brake lever may be a bit high after fitting these footpegs - opinions vary on this, we'll have to see.

Price: € 54 excluding postage
More information: BB Owners Club
Check Crash Shrooms Crash Shrooms The ones from Jaws look nicer than most others. Available in red, blue or black.

Price: € 31 including postage
More information: Jaws or R & G Racing
Check Datatool S4 Datatool S4 Alarm and immobiliser.

Price: € 499
More information: Datatool
Check Front turnsignal Front turnsignals Smoked glass front turnsignal replacements by Clear Alternatives. Quite expensive but looks great.

Price: € 57 excluding postage
More information: Jaws or Clear Alternatives or BB Owners Club
Check Oxford Boss disc-lock Oxford Boss disc-lock ART 4 approved universal disc lock.

Price: € 39 excluding postage
More information: Oxford
Check Spacer Spacer With the simple addition of a spacer on the top of the rear damper, you will find your bike turns in quicker and tracks in a more precise manner. Preferably 3 mm but 6 mm may be an option.

Price: very little
More information: BB Owners Club or Jaws (6mm)
Check SW-Motech alu-rack SW-Motech alu-rack Topcase carrier. I my case, needs a Givi monokey adapter plate

Price: € 95 + 29 excluding postage
More information: SW-Motech or BB Owners Club
Check Various Various Stainless steel brake lines
De-linking the brake system
Progressive front springs (and maybe change the rear one as well)
90 degree angle tyre valves
Top case or bag which looks nicer than the average Givi or Krauser solution
Check Vista cruise control Vista cruise control With a simple thumb press you can lock the throttle to give your right wrist a rest. Easily fitted (approx 15 minutes) and fully adjustable.

Price: € 31 including postage
More information: Jaws or BB Owners Club
Check Xena disc-lock Xena XN15 disc-lock with alarm Top-grade polished stainless steel construction with high nickel content for superior security matched with aesthetic appeal.

Price: € 72,50 excluding postage
More information: Xena


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