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Lino Schildenfeld did some great work by making Apex-Sert available for the latest Apex versions.
Read all about it on his blog APEX stuff in one place:

I installed both version 20.2 and 22.2 on some VMs, and that went relatively smoothly.
It did take some tinkering however - especially the 20.2 version.

My findings:
  • You can use ins_auto_setup.sql, which is easier to use than ins.sql. This is mentioned in the blog of course, but I missed it the first time...

  • Make sure to use the correct value for db_conn_string - probably the same one you use to start sqlplus.
    In my case, I changed line 66 from "def db_conn_string localhost:1521/orcl" to "def db_conn_string localhost:1521/xepdb1".

  • According to documentation (and the script), Apex-Sert does not work on XE. However, it seems to work fine on XE version 21 - and I would suspect on version 18 as well.
    XE versions 10 and 11 were more restricted, so those may have given problems in the past.
    So for more recent XE versions, you can disable the check in the script, e.g. like this:
    Change line 172 from "if l_edition = 'XE' then 'XE'" to "if l_edition = 'XE' then 'ABC'".
    Or if you want to make it extra fancy, you can rewrite the if-statement to also look at the XE version.

  • I got this error on both 20.2 and 22.2 (seen in both XE and EE): The reason seems to be in cfg\sv_sec_compatibility_rule.sql: Not sure why this is a problem - the row is present in the table after the installation has finished, so maybe a commit is missing somewhere? Strange but not a problem.

  • In the Installation Guide under "3. Installation: add System Message", I think removing the a-Icon class looks better, so:

  • In Apex 20.2, a D3 JavaScript library is missing.
    So when you open the Apex-Sert application, you see this error in the browser console: This results in errors like:
    • SERT app: Dashboard and part of left sidebar are empty (charts are missing).
    • SERT app: Actions menus in Interative Reports do not work.
    • SERT app: Column filters in Interative Reports do not work.
    • SERT-ADMIN app: You can not log into the application.
    Note that in Apex 22.2 this is not an issue (the library is not used).
    • Go to - note that you may need another version for Apex versions other than 20.2.
    • Download and unzip it.
    • Copy all d3 files to this (new) directory on the server - in my case: /usr/share/tomcat/webapps/i/libraries/d3/3.5.5/