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Hide Search Results

Some Google Search results are just a waste of time - or irritating, or even obnoxious... So why not use TamperMonkey to hide those results once and for all?

This Tampermonkey script searches for results that contain the "cite" string you provide - "cite" is the "heading" of the search result, which contains the url you want to block. Then it find the nearest parent ".rc" div, which is sort of the container for the entire search result, and hides that div. Study the html generated by Google to see how that is constructed.
If you want to test the script below, search for "apex checkbox separator". One of the search results (you may have to scroll a bit) should be for, which is one of those very irritating sites that only scrape info off other sites, present it in a completely unreadable way, and add no value whatsoever.