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Sony RX10 IV

January 2022: Time for a new camera.
As with motorcycles, every once in a while you just feel like getting some new toys. And also similar to motorcycles, the perfect camera doesn't exist - wishes and needs constantly change, so there's always a lot of options to choose from - and agonize over :-)

Over the years I have had quite a few different cameras (and lenses). Mostly Nikon (D)SLR's, both APS-C and full frame, with a variety of lenses.
But because of the size and weight of these combo's, I don't use them as much as I would like - it's just too much hassle. So they mostly get used during vacations, and even then I don't take them on hiking trips very often, they are just too big and heavy.
For example, the DSLR I own at the moment (and plan to sell soon), is a Nikon D610. Great camera, but with my Nikon 24-120mm it weighs almost 2 kg, and with my Sigma 50-500mm it weighs exactly 3 kg. That is just no fun to lug around for any period of time...
Until recently I had a Fuji X70, which is a fine small APS-C camera, but the lack of zoom range annoyed me. Also I never got used to the colors in the photos it produced, they always seemed a bit "off" to me.
I also have a Samsung NX3000 with a 16-50mm lens, and that is a very nice and portable APS-C combination which takes great pictures. And it only cost me 80 euro (used), so what's not to like? Well, lack of EVF and zoom range, basically...
My second travel camera is a Sony RX10 Mark I. Also bought used, it is quite portable, with a very nice 24-200mm zoom range, and it takes nice, sharp pictures. That lens is really very good, and the sensor is pretty good as well. I know the Nikon full frame sensor did spoil me, but I can live with that in return for the weight reduction. A few things do bug me about it though; the Sigma 50-500 really has spoiled me with its zoom range, the EVF is nice but too course to be comfortable, and autofocus is accurate but quite slow.

So as you might have guessed from the page title, I got myself a Sony RX10 Mark IV (also known as the RX10M4, RX10 Mk 4, RX10 Mark 4 or RX10IV - what's in a name...). Bought new this time (Sony had a nice cashback offer). Should solve the zoom, EVF and autofocus niggles of the Mark I, while being just a bit heavier. We'll see :-)
I will sell the D610 and my lens collection, but keep the Mark I (as backup for the Mark IV but also for its f2.8 range which may come in handy), and the Samsung (which is very pocketable and takes great quality landscape and medium zoom shots).


A list of the stuff I got to complement the camera:
  • Hoya 72mm UV Prime-XS filter.
  • SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro SD card.
  • Hybrid-Glass Screen protector.
  • Quick Release Plate (Arca-Swiss compatible) from Ebay - a cheap (as in 30% of the price) copy of a much too expensive plate from Really Right Stuff. Needed for my tripod and the Peak Design Clutch (see below). It almost fits (I knew about that issue beforehand) - there is about 1 mm of play at the back, so the slot for the screw has to be made just a touch longer. And maybe I will try to take some material off on the left side, to get better access to the LCD flip screen.
  • Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 Deep Red camera bag. It fits quite well, with some spare room for batteries and a lens cap, and the "Flip-top lid with magnetic closure" is just as handy as it looks.
    Before that I ordered a Lowepro Adventura TLZ 30 II, but even though on paper it should have been exaclty the right size (with the Mk 4 lens hood attached), it was way too small - the RX10 Mk I barely fits, let alone the Mk 4...
  • I already own the Peak Design Clutch and Slide, used with the Nikon D610, so those will migrate to this one.
  • I also already own 2 no-name batteries and a charger, originally for the RX10 Mk I.