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Suzuki Bandit GSF 1250A

Motor #10
Motor #10: 2007 Suzuki Bandit GSF 1250A

  • 26182 km - Februari 9, 2019
    Coming soon!
    Starting in March, I will be commuting to work 4 days a week for at least a year, about 200 km per day. I'm not selling the Fireblade, but of course that is not your ideal commuter bike. Not on the Dutch highways anyway...
    So I looked around for suitable models that would be practical and not too expensive to buy and run - and still be fun to ride. Ruud suggested this Bandit: low mileage, cheap to buy and not too expensive to run, and quite practical. No fairing, but I'm not planning to ride it in the rain or cold much, so that should be fine.
    More details to follow.
  • 26182 km - Februari 17, 2019
    Ruud delivered the bike yesterday, so I took it for a spin. The first few kilometers the engine sputtered a little, as if it was sometimes running on three cylinders. The bike had been stationary for a few years so that was to be expected. Adding a few liters of fresh new fuel and half an hour of driving smoothed it out perfectly.
    First impressions: I like it! The driving position takes a bit of getting used to (more upright, no fairing, plus higher and wider handlebars) but it is quite relaxed, so perfect for commuting. The suspension is a bit firmer than I expected, which is a good thing; it does become a little unsettled in fast bumpy corners, but nothing to get nervous about. The steering is precise enough and quite light, even though the bike is quite a bit heavier than the Fireblade. Wind protection is fine up to about 130 km/h, after that it becomes a bit much for long stretches.
    The bike has new tires (Pilot Power 2CT, as usual), new oil, and new brake fluid. Some options are fitted: A Bagster tank cover (I have ordered a Newsign bag), a Sebring exhaust (which is pleasantly loud and burbly), an LSL handlebar, and heated grips.
  • 28300 km - February 23, 2019
    I took both the Fireblade and the Bandit out for the same 100 km ride, one after the other. Check out the Fireblade page for details.

  • Maintenance and parts
    km tires oil oil filter brakepads airfilter sparkplugs battery chain other
    26182 new new new brake fluid