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DDoS attacks (or Brute Force attacks or other bot-related behavior that amounts to the same thing) are becoming a bit of a problem for my server.
Thousands of requests per hour are too much for my modest setup, so I had to take some measures.
So I created a query to find suspicious IP addresses and/or User Agents using apex_workspace_activity_log. See the code below - I hid the complete IP addresses for privacy reasons.
If I identify an attack, I can add a "rewrite rule" to Apache (on my proxy server) to block an IP range or User Agent. More info on that here and here.

This is not ideal of course. A problem has to arise first, before I can act. But it's better than doing nothing.
I should look into other measures like Mod_evasive, Mod_security, Fail2ban, etc., but for now this sort of works.

Update May 2023:
Things were getting out of hand, so I installed ModSecurity on my Apache reverse proxy server (Apache 2.4 on AlmaLinux 8).
That turned out to be quite simple (after a few hours of trying all sorts of cookbooks that did not work...). Here's what I did:
You will need to deactivate ModSecurity from any machine/subnet that is allowed to use Apex Builder. Otherwise saving anything in the Apex Builder will result in a 403 error.
In my case I need to do this for IP, which is my internal router address. You can check the log here: And to check if it all works, perform an "illegal" request: which should return:



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