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Modal LOV Plugin

Menno Hoogendijk has created a nice Modal LOV Plug-in, which can be found at
I ran into a few minor issues with this plug-in:

ORA-06592 when using rowid

This LOV query (which works fine in standard Apex LOV's) gives error "ORA-06592: CASE not found while executing CASE statement":

This LOV query works fine:

Cascading LOV

Using the option "Cascading LOV Parent Items(s)" doesn't always seem to work for refreshing the LOV.
A "Change item" Dynamic Action on the item you want to use as a parent, with a "Set Item Value" action to set the value of the Modal LOV item, will solve that.

Row highlight & pagination

The plugin has some issues with correctly showing which value is currently selected. I have not found a fix for this.
If the item has a value when opening the LOV, the top row is always highlighted - unless the selected MoT happens to be on the current (pagination) page, then that is highlighted.
So for example, if a value has been selected from e.g. (pagination) page 3, and the Modal LOV is closed and then re-opened, page 1 is shown (and the top row shown as selected. If you click through to (pagination) page 3, the correct value is selected.