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Kawasaki ZZR 1100

1995 ZZR 1100

Bike #4: a red 1995 ZZR 1100

  • 21800 km - September 2, 2000
    Surprise, surprise - here's the new bike.

    So I finally decided to stop messing about and just buy the damn thing!
    It's a '95 model with 21800 km on the clock, a black windshield (not like the model shown here but a 'standard' shape) and heated clip-ons.
    Metzeler tires are fitted, so the everlasting tire story can continue. The Honda has had Pirelli's (which I didn't like very much) and a Bridgestone Battlax BT010 rear tire (which I liked a lot). So I've made up my mind about my favorite brand I think - unless the Metzeler's turn out to be fantastic of course. We'll see...
  • 25150 km - September 30, 2000
    The store where I bought it didn't tell me (and probably didn't know) it was a 100 hp version. Luckily they fixed it for me without making problems.
    As you might have expected, the Metzeler ME-Z1 & 2 are not to my liking. Fine for dry roads but 'slippery when wet'. So even though the tires aren't used up yet, next week my cousin's dealer will fit some Bridgestone Battlax BT010's. He'll put on a new chain as well.
    And to make the package complete: I've also ordered a Stinger radar-detector. My cruising-speed on this bike is around 160-170 km/h, so you can just wait for the next speeding-ticket.
  • 28000 km - October 27, 2000
    The Bridgestones are fitted and I love them. The new chain has been fitted as well.
    The Stinger (a Bell Ventura 966) works fine, even though a few small electrical problems will have to be fixed.
    I bought myself some new boots (Daytona GTX Travellers - same ones I already had) since my previous pair wasn't waterproof anymore. And believe me, you need that in Holland.
    Last weekend I did a Dynojet run. The output was pretty good - 128 hp at the rear wheel; a little better even than expected. I'll scan the output of the run and put it on this page in a few days. (see below)
  • 29200 km - November 4, 2000
    I went out to buy myself some waterproof pants and ended up buying a new coat as well. Both are Dainese Gore-Tex items, expensive but worth it. Now all I need are some new gloves and a helmet (which I ordered but didn't come in yet - a black Schuberth Sprint R). More on those later.
  • 32500 km - December 2, 2000
    Major service has been done - no problems whatsoever. The electrical problems with the Stinger are solved; it now takes its power directly from the battery.
    The tires are almost gone (especially the rear). I'll have them replaced soon.
    The helmet has arrived and I like it just fine. The built-in sun visor is great - why aren't there more helmets like it ? Any ideas, anybody ?
    Other than that, no news. Business and pleasure as usual...
  • 33800 km - December 14, 2000
    New rear tire (BT010 of course...) and new rear brake pads fitted. The front will last a few kilometers yet.
  • 35000 km - December 21, 2000
    Got pulled over by a very friendly (no kidding!) policeman on a motorcycle. He told me he was doing 180 km/h and I was pulling away from him. Can't say he was wrong...
    He gave me a ticket for 160 (120 was allowed). Nice of him, eh ?
    Something else: when I really open the throttle and shift up (say to 5 or 6), the gear takes a while to actually change. Up to 2 seconds, which is approx. 1.8 seconds more than expected. Very disturbing. I'll have it looked at.
  • 38130 km - Februari 14, 2001
    Had the front tire replaced (same BT010 as before) and the front brake-pads. Interesting detail: the left side of the tire was worn more than the right side. According to the mechanic, this happens because you can see through left corners better, so you drive faster - could be true...
    I also made an appointment for a major service on March 6th.
    I've not been driving the bike very often lately - the icy weather and a skiing holiday got in the way.
  • 38500 km - March 6, 2001
    A new speeding ticket to add to the collection: 135 km/h (15 too much). Friendly cop again.
    Major service performed. Both front brake-discs were replaced - quite expensive by the way...
    The ball-bearings that support the front fork inside the frame were replaced (if any of you knows what a 'balhoofdsetje' is in English, let me know...). Steering is smooth again.
  • 38850 km - March 10, 2001
    The starter-button broke off !! (out of all the things to fall off a bike, this must be the silliest). Had it replaced, which means replacing the whole housing on the clip-on.
    I also had a so-called Osco Oiler installed - no more spraycans for me!
  • 40200 km - April 2, 2001
    Just returned from a trip to the Ardennes - great fun.
    The rear tire is almost gone, so I'll do a few more turns (as usual, the middle of the tire is worn and the edges are not even halfway there - too many highways in this country) and have it replaced by the same BT010. Maybe then I will remember to have the gearbox and/or clutch checked (see 35000 km). Last time I spent four hours with the repair guy and didn't think of it at all. Brilliant.
  • 40600 km - April 7, 2001
    Rear tire replaced.
    I asked about the gearbox/clutch problem - it's probably a gearbox problem, making it rather expensive to fix. Too bad.
  • 41100 km - April 12, 2001
    The chain is worn out again - 13000 km seems a bit quick doesn't it ?
  • 43225 km - April 27, 2001
    Picked up the bike this afternoon. New chain and new bearings for the rear wheel have been fitted, and leaking front forks are fixed. The chain wearing out so soon could be due to the fact that is was too heavy - or so the mechanic told me. So he fitted a lighter one...
  • ????? km - ???, 2001
    While reading this diary it occurred to me I forgot to tell you I had a puncture (rear tire) around this time. It was a very small one so I had it fixed (tires are expensive...) and that worked perfectly. Just thought I'd let you know.
  • 46000 km - June 6, 2001
    Not much to tell, really. The bike runs fine, but somehow I don't feel like riding it much the last couple of weeks. Oh well, that'll come back soon enough.
  • 46200 km - August 15, 2001
    Spent the last 2 months on the other side of the globe. Six weeks in New Zealand driving a Yamaha XT600 and two weeks in Malaysia driving nothing, just swimming, snorkling & scuba-diving. Both highly recommended.
    Leaving the bike doing nothing for two months is not recommended by the way - it took me 45 minutes to get the bike started, almost draining the battery. Once started, it ran just fine. Made an appointment for the 27th to get it serviced, change the rear tire and fix the leaking front fork (again! this is turning into a chronic problem).
  • 46850 km - August 27, 2001
    Small service done. No problems except for the front fork; my dealer is going to order some new ball bearings, maybe that'll fix it. Rear tire replaced with BT010 as usual - it wasn't used up yet, but I'm going to be driving in the Italian Alps for two weeks starting next Saturday.
    They lent me a Suzuki Bandit 1200 S for the day. Nice but a bit too relaxed for my taste.
  • 48900 km - October 12, 2001
    It's been a while since I updated this page (hard disk crashed and just plain busy with other things...), so I'll try to recall what happened in the last few weeks.
    The front forks have been fixed (bearings were replaced) and a new front tyre was fitted.
    I also fell off the damn thing again - looking at the Italian scenery is fine in itself, but you have to keep an eye on the road as well... So, I hurt my shoulder a bit (that's healed now), wrecked the blinker on the left-front (I've glued it together again), scratched the left side a bit, made a small dent in the left muffler and broke a small part off the brake handle. Great. Other than that, I had a very good time over there.
  • 50200 km - November 21, 2001
    I'm waiting for some new parts to arrive, so Ruud can fix the clutch. It's not broken but a little worn so we're not taking any chances. While he's at it he'll also look at the starting problems I've been having lately - should be simple (I hope so anyway...).
    In the mean time he's lent me a Suzuki Bandit 600 S, and he agrees with me: it's a fine machine, but... boring!
  • 69200 km - May 10, 2003
    This diary is now officially closed, I have bought a Blackbird.

Thank you ZZR, it's been great fun

ZZR 1100 dynojet run
Dynojet run - October 2000

Specifications (2001)

  ZZR 600 ZZR 1100
Engine type 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line four, 16-valves
Displacement 599 cc 1052 cc
Bore x Stroke 64.0 x 46.6 mm 76.0 x 58.0 mm
Cooling Liquid
Carburetion Keihin CVKD36 x 4 Keihin CVKD40 x 4
Ignition Digital
Transmission 6-speed
Frame Aluminum perimeter design
Rake / trail 24.5 degrees / 97 mm (3.8 in.) 26.5 degrees / 107 mm (4.2 in.)
Front suspension 41mm hydraulic fork with preload and 4-way rebound adjustment 43mm telescopic fork with preload adjustment and 4-way adjustable rebound damping
Rear suspension UNI-TRAK with threaded preload adjustment and 3-way rebound damping UNI-TRAK with remote-reservoir shock, adjustable threaded preload and 4-way adjustable rebound damping
Front wheel travel 119 mm (4.7 in.) 119 mm (4.7 in.)
Rear wheel travel 130 mm (5.1 in.) 119 mm (4.7 in.)
Front tire 120/60 ZR17 tubeless radial 120/70 ZR17 tubeless radial
Rear tire 160/60 ZR17 tubeless radial 180/55 ZR17 tubeless radial
Brakes, front/rear Dual hydraulic discs / single disc
Overall length 2070 mm (81.5 in.) 2160 mm (85.2 in.)
Overall width 695 mm (27.4 in.) 730 mm (28.7 in.)
Overall height 1175 mm (46.3 in.) 1205 mm (47.4 in.)
Ground clearance 120 mm (4.7 in.) 110 mm (4.3 in.)
Seat height 780 mm (30.7 in.) 780 mm (30.7 in.)
Dry weight 195 kg (430 lbs.) 233 kg (514 lbs.)
Fuel capacity 18 l (4.7 gal.) 24 l (6.3 gal.)
Wheelbase 1430 mm (56.3 in.) 1495 mm (58.9 in.)