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This is old info - the video quality is flash-free and very good these days:

Watching MotoGP (using Video Pass) on Windows is far from ideal, to put it mildly. It's sh*t really.
No matter what CPU power, video card, browser or internet speed I threw at it, it kept stuttering and dropping a lot of frames.

Cause is (of course, I should have known) Flash. Check out this info on Reddit on how to force using the (beta) HTML5 player, which is MUCH better:
Video Pass - TamperMonkey Script To Force HTML5 Video And Ditch Flash

Why they would insist on using Flash, which is obsolete and gives you a headache with all those dropped frames, is beyond me.
Even more puzzling is why they don't advertize the fact that they have a solution that actually works (even if it is still called a beta version)... It took quite some Googling to find this; and no mention of this anywhere on the MotoGP site itself. Weird.