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16 inch Bandsaw - Wheel mounts

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Lower wheel mount

The finished lower wheel mount, made out of 4 layers of old hardwood. You can still see some of the woodworm holes, let's call that "character". :-)

Upper wheel mount

First stage of the upper wheel mount, made from new hardwood. I should have done this glue up on a flat surface - but then again, at least now I got to play with my new planer to get it flat...

Upper wheel mount jig

I set up a temporary jig on the tablesaw to cut the slots for the splines. There's not a lot of room for error, so getting it right the first time was a must. This setup worked great.

Upper wheel mount splined

A dry fit of the splines, ready for glue up.

Upper wheel mount frame

The frame is all done (I left the springs out of the picture for some reason, but they are ready as well).

Will probably need some tinkering to get the alignment right, but it's good for now. I'm also not too sure if the crank and springs will be strong enough; I used some spruce which seemed OK but it's not very strong, so we'll see how long it lasts.

Upper wheel mount block

And the mount block all done as well.

This took a few tries. I didn't pay enough attention to the grain orientation of the hardwood pieces, so the front one broke off... but that is all fixed now, and it seems strong enough now.

Note that I didn't use a screw to lock the shaft at the back, but I used a bolt and washer (with a wooden spacer) like at the front. Getting the hole for the screw in the exact position seemed harder than this method.