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16 inch Bandsaw - Encloscure

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Bottom enclosuret

I used some leftover laminate flooring for parts of the enclosure. Very smooth so dust won't stick to it, and easy to work with - and woodglue works perfectly.

Too much angle

The instructions call for the right side of the support beam to have an angle at the top, but that's not correct; it should be square to help with dust collection. If you look at Matthias' photos you can see it should just be square, so the instructions are wrong here. As you can see I only found that out afterwards... I've glued on an extra piece afterwards to make it square again.

Too many clamps

A table, five clamps and a stop block versus 2 small pieces of wood...


Table saw + not guiding your workpiece properly = kickback.

It did cause a nice bruise but at least the scratch on the top cover was on the back :-)

Dust extraction Dust extraction in place Dust extraction in place 2

I added an opening for dust extraction by redesigning and rebuilding the cover underneath the table. This fits the hose of my shop vac. The cover is firmly held in place by the extra bracket (which I had to move backwards a bit) underneath the table.